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  • The typical government lie, which “does not” apply to government.

    I think the argument that if you tell the truth, then you got nothing to be afraid of has been overused by governments around the world, and especially USA and leaders of Western countries.
    Snowden, the Wiki Leak founder Asange and others have proven this government quote to be a lie.
    As soon as the government has been revealed of doing something nasty, then the heroic people who told the world are characterised as criminals and traitors. This is hypocracy.
    Especially Obama has been very harsh in this matter. … and then I come to think of the Navy Seals, who “killed” Osama bin Laden, but all were sent to an ambush with out support of the American army, even the army knew beforehand that they would all die for sure, with out backup. So why did those Navy Seals die? Maybe Osama is not dead but someone else, but those Navy Seals can not tell about it now, that they are dead.

    the truth about truth and censorship