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  • Restart needed.

    I got this domain name in order to have a blog, but sometimes I do not feel up to it, and do not feel that I got anything to say. Besides even if I got something to say, then the question if I need to say it or if it should be said by someone else always lingers at the back or even in the front of my mind.

    It was not unusual to see companies promote total freedom of expression when the web began in the early 90's for average people.
    It was not unusual to see companies promote total freedom of expression when the web began in the early 90’s for average people.

    However I read an excellent article about vlogging and it encouraged me to blog and even vlog. Especially this quote convinced me:

    “It is challenging to be a student of your own life, your own future, your own destiny. Don’t trust your memory. When you listen to something valuable, write it down. When you come across something important, write it down. Take the time to keep notes and to keep a journal” (or in my case, a podcast or blog!). — Jim Rohn

    So what is new in my life? Well I have decided to go back to my old passion The Web.
    For me The Web was at first a tool with freedom of expression. Now that has all changed, but maybe more on that another time. Freedom of expression lead me to get my first domain name and web host. Then it lead to webdesign and content creation, creation of graphics, animated gifs and lots of web related issues one has when creating webpages in html with a HTML editor. The whole process of this creation of webpages into a whole web site is creative, and I guess that is what keeps me going.
    Not that I have considered me a creative person, but I feel good when sitting in the middle of it or writing some peace of text – almost regardless of topic.

    Some years ago I got discouraged, as it seemed to me that I got nowhere with my web passion. So I almost totally gave up. In came Facebook, and all started over again.
    Facebook is just as addictive as any other addiction. I started to dislike it for the addiction, but even more for something else. The fact that Facebook is a closed club. Sure many are in the club – one could say almost anyone, so what’s the matter? Well, my feelings against Facebook is that everyone lives in a bubble.

    Facebook is censored and biased against certain topics and opinions. You can not express yourself in any way you feel fit, but only if it is Facebook fit.
    Facebook is censored and biased against certain topics and opinions. You can not express yourself in any way you feel fit, but only if it is Facebook fit.

    Your facebook bubble is your friends and the few groups and pages you have chosen to join or like or follow. Most people have according to some fb-statistic around 300 friends. When you post something on FB your friends saw everything at the beginning, but facebook has evolved into a censorship machine, where you can only like people, not dislike. You can not express anything negative unless someone reports you for hate-speech and your comment is deleted and even your profile is at stake. I know people who have had their profiles closed due to writing depressive poetry, which their “friends” could not handle to read.

    Furthermore Facebook has limited who sees what you post as private individual and it also limits who sees what you post on Facebook pages. This limist is caused by automatic calculation called algorythm. The algorythm usually lets only 4-5% of your friends of page-fans to see what you post. This even if they have actively chosen to get what you post. As a $olution Fa€ebook offers that you can pay to boo$t your posts so that more people and friends and fans will see your posts. They have wandered away from freedom of expression to business of expression.

    So Facebook is not the answer to creative expressions. Just like Google, Facebook has created a group of people (google has webmasters and facebook has members), whom they control, because when ever they see fit, they can change the rules of the game.
    One day one thing is ok and the next week it is not. The reason you joined has evaporated and is maybe even punishable by Facebook or Google.

    To revert this I changed my online ways. I decided to about a month ago. I started to unfollow lots of fb-pages and groups. Even some people. Especially relating to politics. I have given it to other people to deal with that. Mostly because I sat down and thought about it. In my young days I could have had a career in politics, but turned my back to it. Plus, writing on Facebook is for a very limited club, and will not bring me back into a position where I can join the political life and have a career there.

    I will rather focus on my other passions, which I can do something about – have some influence on, which is my passion for The Web.

    Even if Google has an algorythm which shows you only what Google thinks that you want to see – based on your lifelong relationship with Google search – then it is at least not a closed club. Everyone can search and find my writings – that is not possible with Facebook.

    I am so happy I am out of the club now. I did not close my fb account, but will not focus my efforts there, but rather on creating my own content on websites I own and for clients. And if you want to be my client then visit my new site WebMarketing.House or Webhosting.House – no .com – yes it ends with .house instead 🙂 !! I know a lot about domains and if you think that you want to have your own website, then feel free to ask me questions. I expect the site to be up and running the first weekend of November.

    Until next time, consider how you can cut your Facebook time into half.
    Until next time, consider getting your own blog from me for US$ 48.00.